May 2021
Major milestone reached - First four sculptures commissioned

The steering group, of the ambitious Bosworth1485 Trail project, is delighted to announce the reaching of a major milestone. The first four of the sculptures have been commissioned with Broadbent Studios. This final detailed design stage will see these sculptures bought to life in scale models. The materials, from which the sculptures are to be created, will also be chosen. Those scale models, called Maquettes, will then be used by the creators of each piece to interpret Stephen’s vision.

The four sculptures commissioned are:

  • ‘The Calm Before The Storm’ in the churchyard of St James, Sutton Cheney
  • ‘The New Order’ sculpture in the churchyard of St Margaret of Antioch, Stoke Golding
  • ‘The Healing’ sculpture will in the churchyard at St James the Greater, Dadlington
  • ‘Digging up the past’ which will be installed at the Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre

There have been extensive discussions with local stakeholders in Market Bosworth. It has been agreed that the existing Battle of Bosworth references in the town will be enhanced rather than a new piece being sited here.

The final piece, and arguably the most technically challenging - ‘The Storm Breaks’ - continues to make great progress. We are currently finalising details of the location and access to ensure that safe and enjoyable visits can be made.

September 2020
Project Manager Appointed

We are delighted to announce that Gemma Tallis has started as Project Officer to oversee the next part of the project. Gemma brings considerable experience and previously was Project Officer for the separate ‘Inspiring Bosworth’ project. She can be contacted at gemma.tallis@l-p-l.com

September 2019
Innovative ‘Inspiring Bosworth’ project goes live

Local communities and schools are invited to get involved with plans to develop a world class trail of 6 new sculptures in and around Market Bosworth. The Bosworth 1485 Trail is a rural route which will link six key locations of the Battle using rights of way, canal paths and village lanes. Each location will be represented through unique and individual sculptures.

‘Inspiring Bosworth’ managed by Leicestershire Promotions and funded by the National Heritage Lottery Fund and the Dixie Educational Foundation, allows local communities and schools to shape the interpretation of the trail.

A lecture series has been developed with events starting from the 3rd October 2019. There are lectures at key locations of the 1485 Sculpture Trail including Market Bosworth, Sutton Cheney, Stoke Golding, Dadlington and the Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre. The lectures are all free to attend and full details and tickets are available now by clicking here ‘inspiring bosworth’.

Speakers include Richard Knox, from the Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre, historians Dr Katie Bridger, Professor Gunn (University of Oxford), Eddie Smallwood and Anthony Mcintosh from Art UK, who is a specialist in the role of sculpture and its sense of place within the historic environment.

Groups of students from schools in Market Bosworth and Stoke Golding are being offered trips to the Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre with activities to engage and inspire their understanding about the Battlefield landscape and the events that took place there. Pupils are also being offered opportunities to work with professional artists to create their own works of art, working with mediums such as glass and mosaic tiles. The project aims to leave a lasting legacy of the Battle of Bosworth and the events before and after, which have shaped and still continue to shape the local communities today.